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Organic Chia, Flax and Hemp seeds

Our high quality chia, flax and hemp are full of omegas and protein.  Organic Flaxseeds have the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids, followed by organic chia seeds. While organic hemp seeds have a lower amount of omega-3 they also have the highest amount of protein with 2 tbsp. offering 7g.
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Navitas Organics, Chia Seeds, 1lb/454g
RRP: $126.40
Navitas Organics, Hemp Seeds, 8oz/227g
RRP: $127.84
Garden of Life, Raw Organics, Golden Flaxseed & Chia Seed, 12oz/340g
RRP: $107.14
Navitas Organics, Superfood+, Chia Rosemary Pumpkin Seeds, 4oz/113g
RRP: $56.88
Garden of Life, Raw Organics, Golden Flax Seed, Super Omega-3, 14oz/396g
RRP: $94.64
Navitas Organics, Chia Seeds, 8oz/227g
RRP: $110.60
Navitas Organics, Hemp Powder, 12oz/340g
RRP: $130.56
Navitas Organics, Power Snack, Blueberry Hemp, 3.5oz/100g
RRP: $69.00
Foodin, Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds, 500g
RRP: $225.00
Navitas Organics, Chia Seeds, 4oz/113g
RRP: $102.70
Navitas Organics, Chia Powder, 8oz/227g
RRP: $110.60
Navitas Organics, Superfood+, Coconut Hemp Pumpkin Seeds, 4oz/113g
RRP: $56.88
Foodin, Organic Golden Flax Seed, 1.1lbs/500g
RRP: $75.46
Foodin, Organic Hemp Seeds with shell, 500g
RRP: $225.00
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