Honest Honey, Raw Unfiltered Honey, 22oz/623g
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Honest Raw Honey

Raw Unfiltered Honey

Honest Raw Honey

Raw Unfiltered Honey

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Honest Honey are serious about bringing you the best quality raw, unfiltered honey possible.  Sustainably produced eco-friendly honey, from hive to bottle.

This creamy honey, often has bits of wax, propolis, and honey foam visible at the top and throughout the jar, and naturally fluctuates based on temperature. Cooler temperatures will help the honey solidify, while warmer ones will cause the honey to liquefy a bit more.  A bit of separation is normal, so do not worry, just stir and enjoy! 

The honey is kept raw, unprocessed and unpasteurised to maintain pure flavour and maximum health benefits. It is also certified kosher and gluten-free.

Honest Raw Honey is rich in vital amino acids that support a healthy lifestyle. Give yourself a natural energy boost with enzymes, propolis and antioxidants - not to mention delicious flavour.

Honey is a natural sugar substitute for a paleo diet. Add honey to your whole foods diet for a true superfood health boost. Always non-GMO for the highest possible quality.

Unlike many raw honey producers, Honest Honey ensure the integrity of their all-American honey because they own their hives in Texas, and do not import from other countries. Desert Creek honey is produced 100% in the United States.

Desert Creek Honey is also committed to to uphold only the best beekeeping practices for the health of the honey bees.


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