ECOS, Dishwashing Liquid - Baby Bottle Wash - Free & Clear, 17fl.oz/50
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Dishwashing Liquid - Baby Bottle Wash - Free & Clear


Dishwashing Liquid - Baby Bottle Wash - Free & Clear

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Great natural safe cleaner

Great soap. Love it to wash bottles for my newborn. Doesn’t smell like much.

I love this soap

Does its job, no harsh chemicals, no funky smell. It is mild and never irritates sensitive skin or allergies.


Use on all babies’ dishes, bottles, and utensils. So effective, you can use it on all your family’s dishes for a highly concentrated, fast, gentle clean! Infused with vitamin e and organic essential oils to invigorate the senses and moisturize while protecting hands. Free of formaldehyde, petrochemicals, GMO, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, biodegradable, PH neutral. Earth-friendly products is a leading brand of 100% natural, plant-based, non-toxic, made with renewable and cruelty-free ingredients, never tested on animals.

  • Crystal-clear, plant-based hand soaps are formulated to clean and cut grease, but gentle enough for even the most frequently washed hand.
  • Baby
  • Kitchen

How to use: Put a few drops of Baby ECOS Bottle and Dish liquid on a clean sponge, brush, or washing cloth after wetting. Then scrub and rinse dishes. To lift and loosen stuck-on food or to sanitize baby’s toys, teethers, and eating utensils, fill a large pot with hot water and a few drops of Baby ECOS Bottle and Dish soap. In the pot (or sink filled with soap and hot water), put almost any washable item your baby touches, eats with, or plays with (except fabric), and let our gentle, hardworking dish soap do the rest! Soak no more than 24 hours.


Water, plant-dried surfactant blend (5-15% anionic, 5-15% amphoteric, <5% non-ionic), methylisothiazlinone (preservative)

Warning: Safely store out of children's reach.

ECOS promises to make green cleaning a reality for all by using sustainable practices that protect people and the planet. By formulating products from the goodness of plants in facilities powered by 100% renewable energy, they empower a natural clean at a price you can afford. Made with love from the inside out, they hope you’ll experience the difference in each bottle of ECOS.

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