Foodin, Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts, 8.8oz/250g
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Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts


Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts

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Organic Wild jungle peanuts grow deep in the rainforest, andare an heirloom peanut variety that have the most pure, rich peanut flavor you can experience. This is the true, original form of the peanut—as opposed to the more commonly grown peanuts that have been hybridized to contain higher amounts of oil and sugar than their wild counterparts.

  • Gluten-free
  • Additive-free
  • Organic

How to use: Enjoy wild jungle peanuts in your own snack mix, add to salad or smoothies. 

FoodIn has a selection of nearly 200 different raw materials from the most effective herbs, to proteins and grains. Their products and whole production supply chain are completely gluten-free. They find the quality, purity and the genuity of the raw materials as the cornerstone of their business.

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