Four Sigmatic, Superfood Blends,10 Mushroom Blend, 30 Servings
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Four Sigmatic

Superfood Blends,10 Mushroom Blend

30 Servings
Four Sigmatic

Superfood Blends,10 Mushroom Blend

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didnt expect much

As adviced by doctor, i should taking more mushroom and this is a nice choice for me to take it at one time. Taste is fine as well


Our multi-mushroom blend is the most convenient way to consume all of your mushrooms at once. Don’t have time to drink lion’s mane in the morning, chaga midday, and reishi in the evening? We get it! Thanks to the compounding effects of functional mushrooms, consuming one serving of our mushroom cocktail with a twist of rose hip will keep you feeling great and happy, all day, everyday.

  • Vegan, Paleo & Caffeine Free
  • Consume anytime of the day
  • 1600 mg of Mushrooms Per Serving

Made for the modern human who may only have one opportunity per day to get their mushrooms in and still feel like a superhero. Our 10 Mushroom Blend includes the most powerful body and mind defending mushrooms like chaga, lion's mane, reishi, and cordyceps, along with our other favorite fungi legends enokitake, maitake, shiitake, tremella (the main ingredient in our Beauty Blend), Agaricus blazei, and meshima. We recommend blending a spoonful in your smoothie, juice, morning elixir, sports drink, and butter coffee or sprinkle into any of your favorite recipes for oatmeal, soup, chocolate, or dessert.

Suggested Use

Blend with your morning beverage like butter coffee or an elixir. Blend with your morning green smoothie or acai bowl. You can also add to your favorite recipes like oatmeals, soups, and desserts


Rose Hips Extract, Chaga Extract, Reishi Extract, Cordyceps Extract, Lion's Mane Extract, Shiitake Extract, Maitake Extract, Enokitake Extract, Agaricus Extract, Meshima Extract, Tremella Extract

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