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Health Lab

Energise, Choc Protein Ball, Box of 12 x 40g

Health Lab

Energise, Choc Protein Ball, Box of 12 x 40g

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Health Lab Energise Choc Protein Balls give you natural and sustained energy, lift your mood, and satisfy your sugar cravings at the same time. Feel your energy levels rise, mood improve & stress levels decrease from the organic raw cacao. The cashews not only taste amazeballs, they pump up the protein and contain an amino acid that helps produce serotonin—the feel good hormone.

  • 100% Natural, Gluten Free, No added sugars
  • Amazingly delicious taste
  • Made in Australia


Dates, Cashew Nuts, Organic & Fair Trade Coconut, Raw Cacao (8%), Whey Protein Concentrate (8%), Organic & Fair Trade Coconut Oil, Water, Sea Salt.


May contain peanuts, other tree nuts, egg or soy. 

How to use

Crack open a pack and dig into one of these delicious treats.

Health Lab is an Australian brand that makes uncomplicated, natural and delicious healthy on-the-go snacks. Their guilt-free products are designed by and for active women. Health Lab recognizes that women have different needs and wants when it comes to fueling up themselves than men. They are proud to be the cleanest protein balls on the market - the only protein balls on the market without added sugars or syrups, and 100% natural ingredients list that even a 5-year-old can understand.

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