Just Water, Apple Cinnamon Infused Spring Water in a Paper-Based Bottl
Just Water

Apple Cinnamon Infused Spring Water in a Paper-Based Bottle

12 x 500ml Bottles
Just Water

Apple Cinnamon Infused Spring Water in a Paper-Based Bottle

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 JUST WATER is 100% Spring water with a dash of organic apple cinnamon essence.  The taste is subtle & refreshing - like you just dropped the apple and cinnamon in yourself!

When you choose JUST WATER instead of water in a standard plastic bottle, you are making an impact one bottle at a time. It’s not the perfect solution but it is a step in the right direction.

  • Naturally alkaline pH 8
  • 100% Spring Water sustainably sourced from Glen Falls, NY
  • The bottle design creates 74% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to a standard PET plastic bottle
  • 0 calories, 0 sweeteners, 0 artificial flavors and 0 preservatives!

Sustainable Packaging

Did you know that most plastic bottles are made entirely from petroleum, a non-renewable resource? Not so with JUST WATER bottles. JUST WATER bottles are paper-based and the cap is made of sugar cane. The paper in the bottle comes from sustainably managed forests. The sugar cane that becomes our cap needs only rainwater to grow.

It doesn’t end here.

The materials and processes used for making a JUST WATER bottle result in 74% less greenhouse gas emissions, compared to a standard PET plastic bottle.

With the bottle’s wide neck design - and name tag on the bottle - you can easily re-use the bottle and even write your own name on it, to prevent it getting mixed up with someone else!

The flavour of water is easily affected by ambient flavours. The JUST WATER bottle by design protects the water inside from ambient flavors, so your JUST is always crisp, pure and delicious.

Sustainably-sourced Water

Water is not an unlimited resource. Commercial bottled water brands often follow a “use more, pay less” model which is not sustainable at a time when water is becoming much scarcer in many places. JUST WATER sources their water sustainably from the Glen Falls Watershed in Upstate New York.

Despite its size, approximately three billion gallons of water collects in the watershed annually from snow and rain. The city uses approximately half of that amount. And JUST bottles a fraction of what remains and pays the community 6 x the normal rate for the water.

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