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Organic India

Organic Moringa

Organic India

Organic Moringa

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Moringa is a powerful superfood with multiple health benefits:

  • Zinc and Vitamins A & E improve hair quality (split-end, dandruff, breakage, hair loss).
  • Cardiac stimulants, anti tumor, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol lowering, antioxidant, anti diabetic, liver protective, antibacterial/anti fungal activities.
  • Daily consumption improves natural defense mechanism (used for AIDS as well).
  • Improves vision due to high vitamin A content.
  • A natural analgesic.
  • Benefits anti fertility activity & increases breast milk for lactating mothers.
  • Has all 8 essential amino acids which must be consumed by diet.
  • Boosts energy level naturally for long term (good for office workers).
  • Effective against diabetes and balance cholesterol level (caused by junk food).

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