ORKA, MacaPro® XP® Gold Maca Extract 10:1 ,Organic- 90ml
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MacaPro® XP® Gold Maca Extract 10:1

Organic- 90ml

MacaPro® XP® Gold Maca Extract 10:1

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High Concentration Dark Maca Extract with enhanced bioavailability.

Maca is a root plant that is native to Peru and has been used from the times of ancient Incans as a ceremonial elixir due to its high "magical" health properties. 

Our MacaPro XP Gold is an all-organic extract, from hand-picked organic dark roots, traditionally harvested in the Junin province of Peru. 

Our unique processes help achieve a ratio as high ratio of 10:1 and enhanced bioavailability. (10:1 ratio meaning,10 kg of organic roots used to obtain1 kg of this liquid extract). 

These are the ones for both men and women, who want to enhance hormonal balance, energy levels, and overall daily wellbeing.

1.Hormonal balancing properties, 
2. Energy and Vitality boosting capabilities, 
3. Cognitive and Mood enhancing abilities 
4.Sports performance-enhancing capabilities. 
5.Libido supercharger
6.Bone health
7.Overall wellbeing
8. Adaptogenic 

USE: 3-4 Drops Direct or With Water or Smoothie 

1.Maca roots from the renowned traditional cultivation in Junin.
2.Organic, Vegan Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, Soy-Free, 
3.No fillers, Preserves, or Artificial Flavours, No Added Sugars.
4.Manufactured and Packed in ISO Certified Facility. 
5.Monthly fixed batch production- No Extended storage.
6.Low Carbon Footprint Supplement Food #FarmToPantry.
7.FairTraded Ingredient.
8.Cold and Slow extraction process ensures complete extracts of all essential nutrients and makes them potent and bioavailable. 
9.Contains Slight alcohol that accelerates the assimilation/absorption rates. (bioavailable)
10.Never been subject to irradiation processes, high heat, and heavy machine processing which destroys the nutritional profile and bioavailability
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