ORKA, Peruvian Harvest SmoothieQ SuperFood Mix (Organic) , 7.1oz/200g
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  • ORKA, Peruvian Harvest SmoothieQ SuperFood Mix (Organic) , 7.1oz/200g-ORKA-The Store

Peruvian Harvest SmoothieQ SuperFood Mix (Organic)


Peruvian Harvest SmoothieQ SuperFood Mix (Organic)

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Our 'Peruvian Harvest' Smoothie Q- Super Food Mix – All Ancestral Health ingredients and Peru’s best Superfoods combined in a rich and easily dissolvable powder form. Each serve is power-packed with a dense nutritional profile for athletic performance and holistic health.

1.Our organic cocoa – Essential trace vitamins minerals and antioxidants
2.Organic Germinated/Sprouted Quinoa - Essential proteins,
3.Organic Camu Camu - Vitamin C dense & antioxidant-rich
4.Purple Com – Polyphenol dense
5.Organic Maca-Pro Powder 6:1: Vitality, Hormonal health, and Balance,
6.Yacon Root Powder: Lowest Glycaemic index and load Sweetener food with probiotic benefits All of the above is blended in significant quantity per serve curated to bring “true warrior spirit” from within.

Smoothies/Breakfast Bowls/Baking/Desserts (Sky is the Limit).
PRO TIP: Add a banana or avocado and milk of choice to thicken

1.Caffeine Free and Artificial ingredient Free
2.97%Organic Ingredients, NonGMO, Vegan, GlutenFree, No artificial sweeteners
3.Manufactured and packed in ISO Certified Facility
4.Monthly fixed batch production- No Extended storage.
5.Low Carbon Footprint product #FarmToPantry.
6.No fillers, enhancers, food colors, and/or preservatives.
7. Strict accordance with the EU(European Union ) Organic farming and raw food regulations.
8.Fair-Trade certified product which ensures and is an assurance that we pay attention to social standards (fair payment, insurance, training, bonuses, and more ..) and thereby ensure consistently high-quality products.
9.Never been subject to irradiation process and/or high heat processing, (unlike many other smoothie powders offerings today, which destroys the nutritional profile and bioavailability )
10.All raw materials are manufactured by us, nothing sourced from outside.#Single Origin(Product Quality-control to its Assured to Max.)

Each Serve of this 'Smoothie-Q' performance-enhancer contains 1.The recommended dosage of our MacaPro Powder 6:1.
2.One TSP of Peruvian Harvest Purple Corn.
3.Camu Camu (Vitamin C++) benefits the immune, nervous system, and normal energy metabolism.
4.Cocao -Enough magnesium to reduce fatigue support muscle function, AND
5.Sprouted Quinoa - complete protein source with all essential amino acids which support the development and preservation of muscle mass.

High in protein, High in vitamin C, High in copper, High chromium content, High in manganese, Source of magnesium, Source of phosphorus, Source of polyphenols.


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