Spicely, Jar - Organic Chili Chipotle - Ground, 1.7oz/48g
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  • Spicely, Jar - Organic Chili Chipotle - Ground, 1.7oz/48g-Groceries-Spicely-The Store

Jar - Organic Chili Chipotle - Ground


Jar - Organic Chili Chipotle - Ground

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Spicely Organic Chili Chipotle Ground spice is made up of beautifully smoke-dried jalapenos that have been ground into a fine powder. Chili chipotle is generally used in Mexican, Tex-Mex, and Southern US cooking and packs as much heat as a fresh jalapeño would, with the added smoky flavor from the drying process.
  • Spicely¬†chili chipotle gives wonderful smoky heat to dishes
  • It is fantastic in salsas, chili con carne, BBQ, and hot sauces
  • The ground powder is perfect to add spice to taco meat, queso, and soups
  • Chili chipotles also show promise in keeping hearts healthy

Chili Chipotle is a smoke-dried jalapeno with a strong, smoky aroma with tones of chocolate and tobacco and deep brown color. Jalapenos come in varying sizes and heat, chipotles would also vary in heat as well. Jalapenos are picked to be made into chipotles when the fruits are deep red and have lost most of their moisture. Chipotle is primarily used in Mexican American and Tex Mex cuisines.


Organic Chili Chipotle Ground.

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