Spicely, Ecobox - Organic Garam Masala, 0.5oz/12g
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Ecobox - Organic Garam Masala


Ecobox - Organic Garam Masala

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Organic Garam Masala is a traditional spice seasoning blend most often associated with Northern India and Southern Asia cuisine. Delicately combined in a gluten-free facility, our all-natural garam masala has beautifully synergistic, flavor-boosting properties with intense aromatic qualities and heavily-packed punch of deliciousness.

  • The most traditional use of the mix is in soups, sauces, and stews oftentimes forming a sort of curry
  • It is able to effortlessly meld and boost other flavors or stand on its own to make a previously bland dish sing
  • Our seasoning is the result of the blend's spice evolution and fusion through different cultures and cuisines over many years
  • Spiciness and fennel do whatever that oddly-irresistible licorice-tasting seed does

Try smashing it in with a bowl of guacamole to create a mouth-watering, Indi-
Mex fusion. Use a dash when cooking rice, or any grains, to add a little life to those boring side dishes. Try warming some in oil before caramelizing your next batch of onions.


Coriander, Cinnamon, Fennel. Cumin, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cloves.

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