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Smoothie Bowls

Are you addicted to these colorful, nutritious little bowls full of fruity goodness and topped with crunchy nuts and granola? We are too! Luckily you don't have to look further to gather all necessary ingredients for your favorite bowl recipe - from powerful blenders and superfood powders for the base to dried fruit and nuts, coconut flakes and much more, with our selection of smoothie bowl products you now only need to choose your favorite combination and get creative.

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Suphia's Functional Foods,  Anti-Aging: Matcha & Goji Bar, Box of 10 x 45g/1.6oz
Spicebox Organics, SBO Raw Cashew Nuts, 17.6oz/500g
Spicebox Organics, SBO Organic Raw Almonds, 17.6oz/500g
Earth Harvest Superfoods, Raw Organic Goji Berries x2 ,120g/4.2oz
Earth Harvest Superfoods, Raw Organic Cacao Powder , 300g/10.6oz
SpiceBox Organics, Raw Almonds, 176.4oz/5kg
ORKA, Peruvian Harvest Raw Cacao Powder (Organic), 7.1oz/200g
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