Sanct Bernhard, Vitamin C + Zinc (Slow Release) /180 capsules
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  • Sanct Bernhard, Vitamin C + Zinc (Slow Release) /180 capsules-Sanct Bernhard-The Store
Sanct Bernhard

Vitamin C + Zinc (Slow Release) /180 capsules
Sanct Bernhard

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Quality from Germany

Perfect for keeping your body's natural defences vitalised and healthy!
Vitamin C and Zinc are important for a working immune system. In addition, vitamin C enhances iron absorption of the body and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. The trace element zinc contributes to a normal acid-alkali, carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolic rate. As component of more than 200 enzyme systems, zinc is essential for a strong and healthy organism.

Each Vitamin C + Zinc Slow Release Capsule contains 300mg vitamin C and 5mg zinc, which was developed into a special capsule. It releases its contents slowly and continuously throughout the day and thus supplies the body with the optimum amount of vitamin C and zinc.

Recommended dosage: Take one capsule a day with sufficient liquid.

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