UNIQMAN, Glucosamine+Chondroitin Capsules (30 capsules/bag) x 6 bags
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  • UNIQMAN, Glucosamine+Chondroitin Capsules (30 capsules/bag) x 6 bags-Supplements-UNIQMAN-The Store

Glucosamine+Chondroitin Capsules (30 capsules/bag) x 6 bags

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UNIQMAN Glucosamine+Chondroitin Capsules【Joint Health】
The key to better sport performance. Specially designed for athletes

Rich in key nutrients for joints and cartilage, which absorbs impact and cushions our joints when we move.
*Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of cartilage. Cartilage covers and protects the ends of the bones, allowing bones to move smoothly against each other
*Chondroitin is believed to help draw water and nutrients into the cartilage, keeping it spongy and healthy
*Patented MSM is used to decrease joint or muscle pain
*Collagen is rich in amino acids that play an important role in the building of joint cartilage and anti-inflammatory effects
*Cat claw vine specifically decreases inflammation around the bones and joints and supports bone marrow
*Added vitamin B and vitamin C

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Chondroitin Sodium Sulfate (from Shark Cartilage) 400mg
Glucosamine HCl 50mg

Take 1 capsule daily before meal. For better result, take 2 capsules daily before meal. DO NOT take more than 2 capsules per day.

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